Affiliate Programs For Websites

When brainstorming about ideas for a website, sometimes it can take forever to choose one. Actuallly, choosing affiliate programs for a website is one factor that most newbies struggle with. In this article, I will give you a few ways on how to choose an affiliate program for your website.

Keep reading to learn how.

It's no wonder why a lot of affiliates try to find the perfect niche. And to be real with you, I to once struggle with finding the ideal niche market to go into.

I have news for you though, it's not about finding the perfect niche and there is no such thing as "the perfect niche", what it is is this, think about a hobby, sport, or thing that you enjoy doing in your life or as a child. Were you good at it? Would you do it even if you never got paid to do it? If so, let's go deeper.

Is this niche a hot product to its audiance? Do your reasearch:

1. Type in Google search: niche name + affiliate programs. If you see a lot of affiliate programs for this niche, then it is definitely profitable. If not, then keep brainstorming.

2. If there is a lot of affiliate programs for this niche, then move on to find out what the audiance really want.
  • Do they want to solve a problem?
  • Do they want to buy?
These are the different things you should ask yourself when going into a niche. Put yourself in their shoes and think how they think. The better you're good at this, then you will make money.

Type in the search engine "niche + name" and see what comes up. You will more than likely see a few articles on advice, forums, yahoo answers, and the list goes on. Go to these different website and see what folks are talking about and asking for. This will help you figure out what these people really want in your niche, then give it to them.

See, the key is to be more specific of a broad term.

Let's say your niche is nails. Nails is broad, but if you break it down to a more specific term like,

"long curve american flag painted nail polish"

This term is very specific on what a person wants.

How to Do Keyword Research and Keyword Tools

One way to do your keyword rsearch is by using google instant. Google instant automatically suggest words that most people are typing in the search engine before you even get to finsh typing what you inteded on typing. This let's you know what terms are popular in your topic or niche.

Another good keyword research tool to use is Jaxxy. In my honest opinion, Jaaxy is better than any other keyword tool I've used besides the one at Wealthy Affiliate University. And it's owned by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate university as well. When using keyword tools, you want to find a keyword via term that has over 800 monthly searches and very low competition. The less compeition you have, the better chances of you getting found in Google under than term.

Now that I've given you the basics, I will give you a list of some great niches that are profitable that I think you might be interested in. I am affiliated with some and others i'm not.

Wealthy Affiliate University (A+)
Synthetic putty
Leopard Geckos
Game repairs
(Any new products) i.e  Kindle Fire
Arts & Crafts
ZNZ Promotions
MCA Motor Club (Super A+)
Zija international (Health & Wellness) A+