Monday, April 30, 2012

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Program and Guide

In this video, I am giving you exactly what you want as part of your Facebook marketing campaign and as a Facebook Affiliate Marketing Program Super Affiliate. It doesn't matter which one you prefer or choose, however Affiliate get 55% commissions from Clickbank. If you get a copy of the guide, you will start earning
 money on Facebook. Watch the video...
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10 Day Affiliate Marketing Free Training From Wealthy Affiliate University

Remember last week I was telling you about Wealthy Affiliate new up coming launch and how the only way to join is by invitations only?

If you haven't read it, click here to read about it

Well, tomorrow is the big day for the new 10 day affiliate marketing training from Wealthy Affiliate.
Honestly, this is like history. The "Free for 10 Days Test Drive" at Wealthy Affiliate is epic and everyone is taking advantage of it and grabbing a hold of it.  When you go to the website, you will notice a brand new page with the ability for you to sign-up for free (through Facebook).

10 Days Full Access.  No obligations.  No credit cards.  No hype.  No restrictions.

Tomorrow, you will get access to Wealthy Affiliate for free and see for yourself how awesome "The Open Education Project" at WA really is.

I can go on for days about how Wealthy Affiliate offers the best service in the industry, the best education, the best tools, and the best support, but you know what, I think I've already express that enough. lol. The only thing I want  you to remember is that you can see this for yourself without having to invest a penny!

Not a dime. 
Nor a Quarter.

Take on this great opportunity and I promise you will thank me later. 

I have to get back to my kids, but I just wanted to put you in on the new 10 day free Affiliate Marketing training by my favorite Internet Marketing School. 

Talk to you soon.

P. S.

Don't forget to get your 10 day full access FREE right here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How Can I Get An invitation to Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s much simpler than you think.  If you are looking to join Wealthy Affiliate University from the official website, you are going to have to wait, because you will have to ask them to join, and your request will take maybe a couple of days. You know how Pinterest is? If you are a Pinterest user, than you know exactly how it is when you first ask to join.  Personally, when I first asked to join Pinterest, they got back to me within two weeks, and honestly, I kind of forgot about. Now, what if I wasn’t the type of person that consistently checks her email? I probably wouldn’t be a Pinterest user to be real with you.

I don’t know about you, but if you like waiting and risk the chances of you forgetting about joining and not taking the advantage of learning how to make money online with your business or any business you’re trying to startup, then asking Wealthy Affiliates owner Kyle and Carson to join their Internet Marketing School might be good for you, however if you’re smart, you will join WA through one of their affiliates and get instant access right away and take advantage of you learning everything you can with their new system.

What’s Really Good?

Well, the good news for you is that I’m a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate and I’m allow to invite you through my affiliate link right now so that you can become part of the best and my favorite online marketing school.

What’s even Better?

I have a super duper deal for you. On May 1st, Wealthy Affiliate is free for 10 days. You will have FULL access to Wealthy Affiliate. You will be able to use their entire service, including all of the tools, web hosting, website creator, support, blog, training... EVERYTHING, and is only going to last for the 1st week (until approx. May 8th).  The downside of this deal is that after May 8th, Wealthy Affiliate will be invitations only. What does this mean? This means that people (including you) will never be able to sign-up unless they come through an invite.

Don’t let nobody fool you, Wealthy Affiliate members are the only people that are allowed to invite outsiders to join. If you’re not a member of WA, than you have to get an invitation from one of their members, and I happen to be a member, so it’s up to you right now to join under me or go to the website and ask to join and wait a week or so to be accepted.

Do you need more reasons to join? Click here to read a full review on Wealthy Affiliate.  If not, see you on the insideJ