Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to Make Your Writing Reader Friendly- 5 Steps

Many of you may not know me, and some might have heard about in at the Wealthy Affiliates website. One thing for sure, as a Affiliate Marketer, it is essential to write in this business. Writing doesn’t neccessary have to be for Affiliate Marketers. Medical Assistants, Copywriters, even Journalists have to write everyday. And the ways things are looking now and the future, writing has made a major turn in the online world and outside of the online world.

A few weeks ago, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate wrote an article on how to write reader friendly articles and I ended up doing some research to add on to what he mentioned.

Making your writing reader friendly is the most important thing now days when getting your point across online. Many of us hate reading long block text and get bored quite frequently, so you better spice it up and make it easy on the eyes or else your readership will drop and your sociable effort will be for nothing. In this article, I will give you 5 ways to make sure your writing is reader friendly.

Get strait to the point

Procrastination is not your friend. When someone wants an answer to a problem or situation, they want the answer fast and now, so it's important to address what you will be giving your readers at the beginning of the first paragraph, that way, they know what to expect throughout your article.

Short paragraphs are better than long paragraphs

The days of endless paragraphs is over, especially online. People do not have the patience like they use to for some crazy reason. This is why places like Twitter and Facebook only allow a certain amount of characters to be typed. If I were you, I will definitely follow the big dogs and copy what they do, because what they do totally works. Write in smaller chunks and you will get more people to actually finish reading your articles.

Leave as many white space as possible

Everybody can not see the same way you or I do, so it's important to be considerate when writing. Some people can tolerate paragraphs written close together and others find it difficult to read that way. Instead of putting all your paragraphs under each other or separating them consistently in your articles, alternate in a way that doesn't throw your format off.

Create a list

The perfect way to organize sequence of events or give ideas in your writing is to use a list. Bullets or number list should work fine. Using a list separates other titles you might cover in your articles; it's also a great way to show steps in how to do something in a particular order so that your reader doesn't get confused. Using a list can also be helpful to people that have a hard time reading in paragraphs to.

Avoid using all caps in your headings and anywhere else in your writing

"10 WAYS TO STOP SMOKING"... Isn't this annoying? Not only it is annoying, but many people find it offensive and think you're cursing at them or yelling at them. Think of certain conversations you have online. Whenever someone writes in all caps, do you sometimes wonder if they're telling you off or being sincere? I know I do. Writing in all uppercase letters sometimes makes it hard for people to read and understand what you're saying. You don't have to write like THIS to emphasize a point. The only time I suggest you write in all caps is when using abbreviations.

Writing has changed a lot over the years, and that doesn't mean you can't adapt. If you follow these steps in your writing, your articles will become more reader friendly and you will more than likely get more readers and followers or even get more people talking about your content.

Always have a conclusion

A conclusion is an answer to a problem. At the end of any article or writing, especially essays, you should always have a conclusion to give your reader something to think about and answer for themselves. The way to have a conclusion is to talk about what you’ve already talked about in a very short sentence that gives your opinion about what you’ve talked about.

Give a call to action

This is a very important step that many of us miss. Giving a call to action is the main reason why people respond to your emails, Facebook status, articles, etc. For most Affiliate Marketers like myself, it’s the very reason why people click on our affiliate links. Don’t be vague in what you want them to do, be direct and open. Ask a question, make a serious statement, or even tell them what to do, because believe it or not, most people will not know what to do unless you tell them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Facebook Marketing Guide by Saytue Saye- Why It's Important

I'm keeping it short and strait to the point. There is boosting or sugar coating. If you don't use Facebook for business or have a fan page- open your eyes and wake up, because you're missing out on a easy opportunity.

Yes, Facebook is fun and that is why it's easy to use as a business module. Watch this quick video i created for you, so that you can understand the importance of investing in your business and using Facebook in your business.

(I look forward to reading your comment)

Learn more about my Facebook guide

4 Ways To Getting Started with Facebook Marketing- Free Guide

Are you curious in learning 4 ways to start Facebook Marketing? Indeed, Facebook is the most popular social network up to date, besides Twitter and the new Google +, and for some reason many find it difficult to market themselves.

Problem is that people focus on the wrong, because they don't know how to stay focus, and this is a major aspect of becoming failure in your success.

Does it angry you to make mistakes? Why? I'm asking you, because so many others are afraid of making mistakes, not knowing it is the very reason why people are successful in their personal and business life.

I to use to be afraid, but now I understand that mistakes is what you make it. You can't blame anyone, but just learn from them and move on.

Only thing it takes to get started with Facebook marketing is to actually begin. The only hard part is to finish, by staying focus.

Think of All the possible reason why you want to get start Facebook Marketing:
  • Maybe because it has over 1 million users
  • Maybe because you see potential money
  • Maybe because you don't know how to create a website
  • Maybe because you want to make a fan page
  • Maybe you want to build your brand
  • Maybe because you want to chat with your friends while make money
There are more possible reasons, I'm sure, but a few of these sums it up. Stop waisting time and make up your mind and just do it.

When I first began my marketing mission, I didn't start with Facebook right away. I was under the impression that creating a website was the best route, not knowing that the entire online marketing aspect has changed and is more powerful and more instant than ever before.

Powerful is good, and instant is better, so that means power and instant is freakin Awesome!Can we agree?

See, a lot of people use Facebook for the wrong reasons, but people like us change it all the time. There is no time for foolishness. It's time to make things happen.

How can you do it? You have options here. I'm giving away my free guide on 4 ways to getting started with Facebook marketing. There is no strings attached, this guide is 100% free and I'm giving it away.

Usually, you would've had to find my Facebook Guide, "How to Get Likes and Fans on Facebook", but since I know how much you want to succeed, I decided to tell you about it. Don't worry, you can thank me later. Just go and make your luck. Don't wait for someone else to make it for you.