Sunday, July 7, 2013

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing basics for beginners

When I first got started with Affiliate Marketing, I thought everything online was real. Looking at all the flashy stuff online, I believed it was easy to make money online and wondered how so many people were earning thousands from the internet. I never even heard of the term "Affiliate Marketing" until I stumbled upon Travis Sago's Bum Marketing. That's when I began learning about Affiliate Marketing, what it was and how to make money online promoting other people's products.

Truth is: 90% of the people you see with millions of dollars online isn't real
Truth is: 10% of the people in this industry succeed

I am not saying these numbers to discourage you, but this is the beginning stage of learning about this business, and I want for you to be smart and not be sucked into these hype products that are scams or do not have true value, or begin your Affiliate Marketing journey as a hobby, not a business.

The basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing

A. This is a business, not a hobby

If you treat this business like a hobby, you will get hobby results. Do not step in thinking you are suppose to make hundreds of dollars without putting in work. You must put in work to see results.

*****Learn and take action on what you've learned. *********

B. Understand what Affiliate Marketing means

Affiliate Marketing is making money off of other people's products online simply by promoting it. When someone sees your promotion and buys, you get paid X amount of commissions off of the sale.

C. Top 5 Basics of AffiliateMarketing: How to Make Money

(1) Find a niche you want to promote, (2) Research that niche, (3) Create a website for that niche, (4) Drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your site that is promoting that niche, (5) Make money

The more Targeted Traffic you have coming to your "affiliate product" the more sales you will make. This Affiliate Marketing course will take you through the entire steps on how to make money with Affiliate Programs, even show you how to choose low key popular niches that will make you tons of money.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zija natural weight loss program

If you are getting into the weight loss affiliate program, I believe Zija International is by far the best weight loss network marketing company. Not only does Zija have a very competitive compensation plan,but the products works.

How do I know? I use Zija on a daily basis. I use to be in great shape, not until last year the Mirena blew me up. I was so hurt and devastated about my weight gain that I needed to find something that will get me back in shape.

Cool thing because my fiance friend Steve came at me telling me about Zija. He didn't tell me about it because he knew I wanted to lose weight, but he knew I'm into Affiliate Marketing and is making money from it, so he thought I'd be a great fit to make money off of it.

At first, I wasn't to excited about it, until he told me about Moringa. What is Moringa? Moringa is by far the best natural herb I've ever heard of and tried before, and all of Zija products have 100% of it that is guaranteed to lose weight and gain  a great lifestyle. Ever since I've been using moringa, I've gained more energy, started losing weight and feel more alive. Learn the great benefits of of moringa by watching my video.

I tried Zija for the first time and I lost 5 lbs in 4 days. I was so amazed, it was unbelievable. After experiencing Zija for 4 days, I didn't need anymore reasons to start my Zija business.

Watch this video to view Zija compensation plan:

 Weight loss is a great niche to be in, but you must be passionate about it. It's a very sensitive issue, so it's beat to promote a program that actually works and is naturally healthy. Get more information about Zija products and how they function to help people lose weight and gain a better lifestyle.

How To Set Up Your Google Voice and Google Voice Mail Step By Step

 Most people spend money on their business, but there are some things that can cost you zero dollars. Having a Google Voice number is a great way for prospects to call you without calling your personal number. Now, most people use the regular Google voice message, but this is so not professional. If you want your prospect to think they're calling an office, then watch my video.

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